Do no use unnecessary punctuations and symbols

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Do no use unnecessary punctuations and symbols

It is important to use the punctuations properly in your resources and various other posts.

1. Add a question mark in the end of any question

2. Add an exclamation if the sentence involve something surprising!

3. Use a period (.) at the end of a sentence

4. Use comma and semi colon wherever necessary

5. Do not add more than one question mark at the end of any question

6. Do not use multiple period (....) or other special simbols like ------- anywhere in any posts in this site.

7. In case of numbered lists, either enclose each line item in the list within the HTML tag <LI> and </LI> or use a sequential number with a period. If you are using the numbers for each line item, do not add a bracket after the number. Use only a period and add a blank space after the period. (Take this content as a typical example of adding sequential list of items).

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